Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Buyer Beware


We received a call from a new customer wanting a second opinion about the condemnation of two of their three central furnaces. It seems a very large and well advertised company had just left their house and told them two of their furnaces had cracked heat exchangers and the furnaces needed to be replaced for thousands of dollars apiece. This other company had used a video camera with a snake attachment for the lens to condemn these heaters. The cracks they were showing the customer, were actually scratches made on them when the attachment was put into the furnaces. We took the heat exchangers out of their housing to verify to the homeowner that they were indeed not bad. The video cameras are a great diagnostic tool, when used by someone with scruples. However, this was not the case in this instance. Both of these heaters were less than 10 years old, which is what alerted the homeowners to a possible misdiagnosis. Less than a week later we went behind this Company again on an 8 year old furnace, with the same results.